How to Tell If Someone is Spying on Your Phone

Several signs of spying on your phone include: high temperature, misbehaving autocorrect system, and Keyloggers. These signals could be a sign that someone is trying to track you. You need to investigate these signs if you want to be sure that the person is not using your phone to spy on you. The key to determining if someone is spying on your phone is to understand what to look for.


One way to know whether someone is spying on your phone is if your phone frequently reboots. Although this is natural when your cell phone becomes old and has too many applications, it can be a sign that someone is using the processor to watch over your phone. The phone should never reboot itself without your input or experience obvious critical errors. If the phone restarts frequently, it is likely that someone is using spy software to monitor your phone.

The first step in identifying a spy app is to check the permissions on your phone. Often, spyware applications can access internal storage without permission. By checking the permissions on these apps, you can determine if they are installed on the phone. If you find an app that doesn’t have the permission to access your phone, remove it immediately. Another way to identify a spy app is to do a search on Google. This will bring up any suspicious apps and make it easier to remove them.

Cell phone backlight

When you shut down your cell phone, do you see the backlight remain on? If not, you might have spyware running on your phone. This type of software records newly generated data and records calls even after you turn off your phone. You can easily tell if your cell phone is being spied on by the slowness of its shutdown. You may also notice that it takes longer to turn off when you lock it.

If the noises you hear on your cell phone are coming from a different network, it may be because you’re getting bad reception. In this case, you need to look for any intrusive apps that could be causing these noises. Also, you should look for random text messages with symbols, how to hack a cell phone which is an indication of spies. If your network usage is getting out of control, you may have a problem with spyware.

Battery drain

One sign that someone may be spying on your phone is the battery drain. Spy apps tend to use a lot of battery, and they may be draining it very quickly. It may take a professional to spot the spying software on your phone, but you can always try testing different phones and take action. Some phones will also heat up when idle. This is natural for an aging device, and may also be the result of a spy app.

Rebooting your cell phone is another symptom of spyware. Spy apps use processing power to track you and send back the information they have collected. If your phone repeatedly reboots without any user input or shows a lot of critical errors, it could be a spying device. Check your data usage history. If it spikes too much, it could be spyware. You can also check the number of incoming or outgoing messages.

Misbehaving autocorrect system

One of the easiest ways to detect a keylogger on your phone is by the misbehaving autocorrect system. The reason for this is because a keylogger interferes with the autocorrect system, forcing you to type words instead of numbers. Another way to identify this type of spyware is by its quality and size. Sim         ilarly, some forms of malware can mimic the same symptoms as spyware.